Privacy policy

Geneblitz is a registered trademark belonging to Complement Genomics Ltd, a long established, reliable, highly recommended and trusted DNA testing and molecular analysis company.

The staff at Complement Genomics Ltd have contributed to the efforts to suppress the coronavirus in the community since March 2020, making a local difference to asymptomatic staff in GP surgeries, pharmacies, care homes and hospices.

The company invested substantially to provide this service, with a new Category 2 laboratory, Class II hoods and access to the staff, equipment, reagents and controls which are necessary to conduct this type of testing.

Dr Neil Sullivan and Ms Louise Allcroft, the owners of the company are passionate about trying to help the community stay safe and get back on its feet. “We nearly all either have vulnerabilities or are protecting someone vulnerable; we are so pleased to be able to make a contribution which will support the community and NHS” said Dr Sullivan.

In order to do our part in further preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 we expanded our services to private COVID-19 testing. Please see our ‘Book a Test’ page to view our full list of services.